Financing methods for your company


The financing channels of a company is one of the factors that must be taken into account. At any time, the company may need to make short-term credits liquid as well as promissory note discounts. For this same reason, I want to talk to you how you can do to get financing for the projects that your company requires without banks and with the help of a company like Corfisa .


  • 1 Are banks a good financing option?
  • 2 Get financing with a financial company
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Are banks a good financing option?

Are banks a good financing option?

Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind when you want to finance business projects is to go to a financial institution. Here you would have to always value the interest rate that is applied and the estimated time you can get to get the credit. The problem of banks is that they ask for a lot of documentation such as personal guarantees, mortgage guarantees, pledges, etc. On the other hand, trying to obtain financing in this way can lead to taking weeks of study of the entity.

Get financing with a financial company

Get financing with a financial company

The alternative to banks is the financial entities dedicated to this market, such as Corfisa, which is focused on SMEs and freelancers and is dedicated to this type of operations and which offers different types of services to obtain financing, some of them are:

  • Discounts of promissory notes: With this option you can anticipate the collection of promissory notes to obtain greater liquidity without waiting for the maturity of the promissory note
  • Factoring: Like the discount of promissory notes, factoring does the same but is in charge of advancing the payment of a pending invoice, either partially or totally the amount of the same.
  • Confirming: You can also make a confirming agreement in which, as a regular supplier of a company, you can collect the amount owed even before the payment expires by this method.
  • Discount of Public Certifications: If you have this type of certification, it is possible to advance the payment as a down payment.

Corfisa also offers a letter discount service, a way to obtain financing without waiting, without delay, without risk limit, without banking risk, without additional costs and without withholding or compensation. All this done in a process consists of four phases. (Shipment of invoice copy, risk analysis, result communication and signature of the contract and endorsement of the payment.

Other ways to get financing


As you can see, there are different types of financing to obtain financing for your company, nowadays it is also possible to access other types of financing such as

  • Crowdlending: Obtaining financing through collective investment, that is, obtaining financing through various investors.
  • Rent Bank: Another method of financing in which the company proceeds to the sale of real estate to a financial institution that in turn happens to rent to the same company, in this way, the company can obtain greater liquidity and will go from being the owner to dispose of the property on a rental basis.