What is it and how to request a payroll advance?


A month can be very long and more if you have some other unforeseen expenses and you do not get the money to face it. Well, you should know that there is the possibility of advancing the payroll to your company or by requesting a quick credit as an alternative method to the advance of payroll.

In this article I will talk about what is the payroll advance and the regulations that regulates it on the other hand, I will tell you how to proceed to make this request correctly. If you want to know more, follow this article and at the end you can contact the human resources department of your company or your boss to request a payroll advance. Go for it!


  • 1 What is a payroll advance?
  • 2 How to request a payroll advance to my company?
  • 3 Alternatives to the request for payroll advances

What is a payroll advance?

When the worker asks the company for an advance of his salary accrued (part worked for the current month), we are talking about a payroll advance. The worker will receive the requested amount always following the restrictions set by the regulations or the company, with a maximum of 90% of the payroll. On the other hand, the employer will discount this advance of the payroll in the following month.

In short, the worker must bear in mind that when an advance is requested, only up to 90% of the salary of the worked part of the current month can be requested. If you have worked 10 days, you can only request the cumulative salary of these days.

The request for a payroll advance is a right that all workers have, is regulated in art. 29.1 of the Workers’ Statute that indicates the following.

“The worker and, with his authorization, his legal representatives, will have the right to receive advances on account of the work already done, without the day set for payment.”

On the other hand, advances of payroll can be regulated in collective agreements to highlight the conditions of application or improvement of the same, such as allowing to request advances of payrolls of future salaries.

How to request a payroll advance to my company?

 How to request a payroll advance to my company?

The request for the advance must be made in writing or by mail, according to the channel indicated by the company. In general, the company will provide you with the document to fill out the application and will tell you by what means to deliver it. It is recommended that you always keep a copy of the application.

Alternatives to the request for payroll advances

Alternatives to the request for payroll advances

Companies do not have a deadline to answer if they grant the advance or if they ask for more information. When it is urgent, you should know that there are other alternatives to the advance of payroll that can make you have liquidity faster, some of these would be:

  • Application for an online credit to be returned within a period of up to 30 days. Enough to cover that unforeseen expense quickly.
  • Request for a payroll advance to the bank . If you have your payroll registered in your bank, you can request an advance. At the end of the month, the bank will discount the amount requested when they make the deposit of the payroll